For over a decade, Gmail has been the world leading web-based online email service provider. Even though it’s been a long time since Gmail existed, Gmail account is still the most hacked email platforms due to major people’s bad Gmail log in habits and lack of knowledge in recognizing malware or Trojan horses.

You may be looking for Gmail log in page to log into your Gmail account now but don’t worry just yet as we will explain why you came into this page instead and important things you should know about Gmail log in and how to correctly log into my Gmail account now.

Gmail Log in | Log into my Gmail Account Now

You are here because you didn’t fully understand how to properly use your browser to surf webs, go to a certain website or to search something on the internet.

Instead of simply entering phrases such as Gmail log in or log into my gmail account now onto your address bar, Google or Bing search bar, you should input only or directly onto your address bar and hit enter. Doing this will ensure you reach to the genuine Gmail log in page, but not other webpages.

We guarantee that our blog is completely safe to use and in fact we provide useful information for whoever needs them, but there are also other sites that intend to steal your Gmail account if you are not careful enough to bump into one.

Gmail Log in Log into my Gmail Account Now

Accessing Gmail log in page without using the correct URL will have the risk of leading you to malicious sites that were designed to look exactly the same as Gmail log in page with the sole purpose of stealing people’s Gmail account.

Log into Gmail email account on a Clean PC

Make sure you are using a non-infected Windows or Mac computer to log into your Gmail account.

This is important because computers with infected malwares, spywares, Trojan horses or other kinds of viruses may possess a risk of losing not only your Gmail accounts but also other important accounts and private data.

Malware often comes with a dangerous keylogger that records all your keyboard inputs and automatically send to the creator of the malware. It’s very common that people lose their Gmail accounts because of one of these keyloggers that stole away their passwords.

So, how do you know if a PC is safe to use? Make sure your computer has an antivirus software installed and working actively to protect your computer. Do gradual virus scanning for all your drives. Additional anti spyware software would certainly help to better protect your PC from harmful malwares as you surf the web and download stuffs from the internet.

We would also like to advice you not to log into your Gmail account on any public computer such as those in a cybercafe, airport or Starbucks where everyone has access to the computer. You wouldn’t know if a spyware is there ready to steal people’s Gmail account or even worse credit card info and such.

Multiple ways to log into my Gmail email account now

We recommend only the following ways and platforms to log onto your Gmail email account.

  • Log in to Gmail account via browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access
  • Sign into Gmail on your phone or tablet via Gmail app which can be found in nearly all mobile OS platforms such as Android Play Store and Apple iOS AppStore. Make sure it’s the official Gmail app published by Google before installing.

log into my gmail email account now

We strongly discourage logging in to your Gmail account in or through any third party software that is not official especially wares such as widget helper, unknown email organizer or any other software that tends to help logging into your Gmail account.

This would risk exposing your Gmail ID and password to the software developers. We hope you learn something here in this post about login sign in. Check out other similar posts listed below for more useful tips.