Alto’s Adventure is a single player arcade adventurous game made available only for mobile devices (android and iOS). If you like this game a lot and wish to play Alto’s adventure on your personal Windows PC or Mac computer, here’s a simple guide on how you can do so easily.

Alto’s Adventure is one of the most battery intensive mobile games on android mainly because of its astounding graphic that would certainly drain your phone’s or tablet’s battery quicker than ever. This is mainly the reason why people prefer to download and play Alto’s Adventure on PC or Mac computer instead of continuously hurting their devices’ battery life (Battery tends to get weaker over time especially if it’s heavily used).

Alto’s Adventure For PC Download on Facebook

Alto’s Adventure wasn’t really a very popular game but it has an amazing rating of 5 over 5 in both AppStore and Play Store voted by hundreds of thousands of players. Though everyone would expect it to have a playable version of the game on Facebook.

Unfortunately it seems that Alto’s Adventure founder doesn’t really looking into expanding the game onto Facebook. You can however visit Alto’s Adventure for PC fan page on Facebook.

So, if there isn’t any web version of the game, how else can we play on our PC computer. With the help of an android emulator, playing Alto’s Adventure on PC is possible.

An android emulator, like its name suggests, emulate a virtual android device on your computer. This was originally designed for developers to test their app pre-launch and now it has been widely used by users around the world to also enjoy apps on your PC instead of having to always sticking to their phones or tablets.

alto's adventure for pc download free

There are many android emulators available on the internet. Most are free while some premium ones require subscriptions. We recommend Bluestacks 2 App Player, a free to use and most popular android emulator currently in the market.

Alto’s Adventure For PC Download Free via Bluestacks

Before we begin downloading Alto’s Adventure for PC, you will need to download and install Bluestacks 2 App Player. You can versions for both Windows (supporting Windows 10/8/7) and Mac OS. Installation should be easily completed after clicking a few Next button.

Once you have Bluestacks 2 installed on your computer, open it. At the home screen, search for Alto’s Adventure apk. Another method is by going to the Android tab and click on Search. Searching this way will directly bring you to the Google Play result after you click Search Alto’s Adventure apk on Google Play button.

When you are asked to enter your Google account login info, do so like how you did on your mobile devices. It’s completed safe don’t worry. This is for Google to recognize you and enable you to download apps.

Alto's Adventure For PC Download Free install

Simple download and install Alto’s Adventure when it’s found. You can then launch the game from Bluestacks home screen or the android tab. Enjoy the game now!

running alto's adventure for pc downoad

Download Alto’s Adventure For PC without Bluestacks

Bluestacks is still our most recommended android emulator to download Alto’s Adventure for PC because of its amazing functionality to be able to tilt the entire Bluestacks screen, its ease of use, user friendliness and most importantly it’s free to use.

If you insist to not using Bluestacks maybe due to error that you can’t seem to solve when you install or use Bluestacks, you can try the following optional android emulators.

  • Andyroid
  • YouWave
  • Genymotion
  • Manymo

About Alto’s Adventure for PC download

In Alto’s Adventure, your main objective is to chase after llamas while snowboarding. You will have to tap to jump over obstacles such as rocks. Collect coins during your journey and exchange them for cool items at izel’s workshop in a village accessible via the menu.

The most amazing thing in Alto is the backflip special move which can be done by tapping and hold while releasing it correctly without landing on your head. Landing tricks give you speed boosts, the more tricks you do the higher speed you get. These speed boosts last for a while. you can pick yourself up when you fall down accidentally.

You will basically have several goals to complete at each level. The longer you surf the more points you get thus more gold as rewards. Have fun with the game!