Traffic Rider is a fast-growing free to play mobile game downloadable only from Google Play. This tutorial will show you how you can also download and play Traffic Rider game on PC for free in Windows 7 / 8/ 10 or Mac.

Traffic Rider is a motorbike arcade racing game created by the same creators of Traffic Racer for PC. It’s a very much addictive racing game people would play for hours to grow up their cash and adding new bikes into their garage.

Since Traffic rider is also one of the most battery-intensive games in android, it would quickly cause your smartphone or tablet to die and certainly would reduce their battery’s life span. This is why people would prefer to play it on a PC or Mac instead of continuously draining and reducing the life span of their smartphone’s battery.

Traffic Rider For PC Download Free

Traffic Rider, like most of other android mobile games, was originally made mainly for mobile devices. However, we can still download and play Traffic Rider on PC easily with the help of an android emulator.

An android emulator is a software for PC to emulate android which, as a result, will be something like a virtual android tablet you can use directly from your Windows PC or Mac.

Android emulator was originally intended for developers to develop and test their android app before publishing them. Now as the demand to run apps on PC immensely increases, android emulators that were once made for developers are now also made user-friendly for end users like us.

Traffic Rider Game For PC Download Free Windows 7 8 10 Mac

There are numerous android emulators you can choose from in the market. Among the popular ones, we recommend Bluestacks App Player as it’s the most widely used android emulator and it’s also free to use. This guide will use Bluestacks as a medium to download and install Traffic Rider for PC.

For alternatives, you can try Andy android emulator, Youwave, DuoS or Genymotion.

Download Traffic Rider Game For PC free via Bluestacks

To download Traffic Rider game for PC via Bluestacks, you will first have to download and install Bluestacks App player from

When you have done installing Bluestacks, launch it. You should now see an android surface consisting of Apps in the home screen which looks similar to a smartphone or tablet running android. Click on Search which usually appear as the first icon in Bluestacks home screen.

Search for Traffic Rider and then select it. For the very first time you access to Google Play on your Bluestacks app player, it will prompt you the login form to sign in to your Google Account. Do so like how you did on your mobile devices. It’s completely safe to login to your account via Bluestacks.

Download Traffic Rider Game For PC free via Bluestacks

Click Install to begin download and install Traffic Rider for PC. Once it’s done, go back to Bluestacks home screen by clicking the second icon from the left at the bottom of Bluestacks beside the back button. You should now see Traffic Rider on the home screen, otherwise, click on All Apps and it should appear right there. Run it and enjoy the game on your PC.

Traffic Rider For PC Download Free

What’s new in Traffic Rider PC Download

Traffic Rider is a highly rated and popular arcade racing game in the mobile app market with stunning graphics and the highly demanded first person view racing camera.

In Traffic Rider, you race against the traffics on the road to earn in-game cash which can be used to purchase stronger motorbikes. Cash can be earned from 4 different racing modes in Traffic rider – Career which consists of 40+ missions and bonuses, Endless which you race until you crash, Time trial and lastly, Free ride.

Traffic Rider PC Download

Basically, the faster you ride and the longer you survive, the more cash you earn. This is what makes this game addictive.

Traffic Rider Tilt Left and Right not working in Bluestacks?

This can happen if you are using an old version of Bluestacks App Player. Be sure to download the latest version from in order for Traffic rider to run compatibly on PC.

If updating won’t solve the problem, you can manually set the tilt left and right hotkey in Bluestacks. On Bluestacks home screen, click on the keyboard icon which can be found at the bottom right corner beside the share button.

From there, you can set the key used to tilt left and right and their sensitivity. You can also configure other things such as enabling or disabling key mapping, d-pad, swiping and zooming options.