This page will focus on guide to install and play Vainglory mobile game on PC (Windows 10/8/7) or Mac computer, instead of having to always stick to your phone for extensive period of play time especially for such an addictive game.

Just a little bit about the game for readers who came in for some new stuffs: Vainglory is a mobile real-time PvP multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that plays and feels just like the famous League of Legends and DoTA of which only limited to PC. If you have played it before, you would know how competitive it can be when you are in a game with real players as your teammate against other people on the other side. You choose a hero, fight against your opponents, destroy their towers and Vain Crystal (that’s what it’s called in Vainglory). Strategies and teamwork are what matter the most in MOBA games.

How playing Vainglory on PC benefits you?

Well, some people prefer to play Vainglory on a desktop or laptop computer simply because they don’t want to keep burning their phone’s or tablet’s battery lifespan. It’s important you know that the more charging cycles your device goes through, the quicker the battery deteriorates, and ultimately unusable some day later. Playing games on your mobile devices for extensively long time is always not recommended.

Other than trying to preserve your device’s lifespan, playing Vainglory on PC will also allow you to perform action much more accurately since you will be using a keyboard and mouse instead of tapping with your fingers. Precision targeting is important when it comes to competitive PvP gameplay.

Wired connection means lesser disconnection. One of the most frustrating moments in the gaming community is when you disconnect from your game, especially if it’s a multiplayer PvP action game where your teammates rely heavily on you. Well, playing Vainglory for PC will highly reduce the chance of you being disconnected like how your phone used to be on a WiFi connection.

How does it work?

Don’t worry about the complication of the method. It’s actually very easy once you learn to install the first app on your computer, and you will be able to install any app you want and use it on your PC.

We will be using a tool called Android emulator. Just like what its name suggests, the software simulates a virtual android device on your computer. A few years back, android emulator was only a tool for app developers to test their apps before releasing them to the public. Now, there is already a solid market for end-user based android emulator of which most of them usually have a very user-friendly interface.

We recommend using Bluestacks App Player as it’s currently still holding the most used android emulator title in the world with several hundred millions of subscribers. And most importantly, it’s free (with some advertisements of course…).

How to install and play Vainglory for PC via Bluestacks App Player

First off, head to, download Bluestacks App Player 2 and install it. The installation should be plain simple with couples of “next” buttons.

After the installation is completed, launch Bluestacks from your desktop.

You will see a colorful welcome screen with a search column in it.

Search for Vainglory.

Click on it to access to its Google play app page. Click Install to install Vainglory for PC.

If this is your first time using Bluestacks, before you install the app, Bluestacks will ask you to login to your Google account in order to use Google app. It’s a one time setup and it’s completely safe to do so.

Once installed, you can launch Vainglory app from either the Welcome homescreen or via the Android tab. If your apps doesn’t show up in the Android tab, click on All apps to show all apps you’ve installed.

That’s it. You can now enjoy playing Vainglory