World Chef, a very well known restaurant simulation game, is one of the fastest growing apps in early 2016. Since it’s also one of the most battery intensive mobile games, you may want to play World Chef on your PC instead to save your smartphone’s battery and more importantly to preserve its lifespan.

It would be rather simple to just play World Chef on your PC than your mobile devices since you can have much more precise clicking using a mouse than your thumbs or fingers tapping. Well, it can also provide you with the opportunity to play the game in a much larger resolution on a monitor screen.

World Chef Game For PC Download Free Facebook

A lot of you guys might have already looked for a way to play World Chef on Facebook, but it seems that World Chef has no intention in expanding their game to the Facebook market. Well, it’s a pretty sad news as World Chef is just the perfect chef game that would fit perfectly in the Facebook community.

World Chef doesn’t have its own playable webpage which allows player to play its game on a browser based Flash player like most of other mobile optimized games. So, the only way left to play World Chef on a PC is by running it on an android emulator such as Bluestacks App Player. We recommend Bluestacks because it’s currently the most popular android emulator and is also free to use.

Download World Chef Game For PC Free Windows 7/8/10 Mac via Bluestacks

First, you will have to download and install Bluestacks App Player on your PC or Mac. It supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP PCs and most versions of Mac.

Once you have installed Bluestacks, launch it and sign into your Google Play account for the first time. If there’s no sign in request or whatsoever when you launch it, continue the steps below until you are prompted for login again. It’s also perfectly safe to sign into your Google Play account in Bluestacks.

On the Bluestacks home screen, click on the Search icon which usually appear as the first app on the left. In our case now, search for World Chef. Don’t worry if nothing comes up, just hit Enter after typing World Chef onto the search bar. It will bring you directly to the Google Play search page. Click on World Chef and then the install button to install World Chef For PC into Bluestacks.

World Chef Game For PC Download Free Windows 10 8 7 Mac

Once the installation is done, you can either click Open to launch World Chef right away, or go back to Bluestacks home screen and open World Chef from there. Now, enjoy World Chef on your PC!

Download World Chef Game For PC Free Windows Mac Facebook

After you have completed the tutorial, you will most likely be asked to install Google Play Games in order for World Chef to recognize your account and allow you to continue playing it. Do so by clicking on the Install now link. You will be brought to the Google Play Games app page. Hit on install to begin installing it. When it’s done, relaunch World Chef, and it should be playable now.

About World Chef Game For PC Download Free

World Chef is a brilliant chef game with features and gameplay that every restaurant simulator fan would dream of. It’s now the most popular chef game in Google Play, beating all other similar games.

In World Chef, you are the owner of the restaurant. You serve people with foods and services. You earn gold from customers and you spend gold to hire more chefs, to decorate or expand your restaurant or to change the theme of your restaurant. You will have to keep leveling your World Chef account in order to unlock more chefs and decorations.

World Chef makes money by selling in-game gems that can only be purchased with real life cash via Google Play or Apple App Store.  These gems can be used to purchase premium decorations and designs for your restaurant. It can also help speed up the build time of your chefs. Enjoy the game!