My Cafe Recipes & Stories is yet another restaurant simulation mobile game that have caught the eyes of many like-minded players. Its user base has been growing rapidly to nearly 5 millions downloads from Google Play. It’s also available for iOS users and can be downloaded from the iTunes AppStore. This tutorial will show you how you can also download and play My Cafe Recipes and Stories for PC on your Windows 10/8/7 or Mac.

I’ve played most kinds of simulation games such as restaurant games, farming games, town games, etc. This is by far the best and fastest progression game if you like these types of games. Unlike most of other restaurant simulator game, progression in My Cafe Recipes and Stories for PC is much quicker here than in most other similar games where you would have to usually wait for hours to days for something to build up or replenish. Here in My Cafe Recipes and Stories for PC, it’s a matter of only few minutes for these progressions.

Because of the fast pace environment in My Cafe Recipes and Stories, players have been spending a huge amount of time on their mobile device to the game. Such high graphical game would definitely drain your device’s battery like no tomorrow and hurt your overall battery life. That’s why players prefer to play most of such mobile games on their PC or Mac. Playing My Cafe Recipes and Stories for PC also allows better and much more precise clicking since you can use your mouse and keyboard.

My Cafe: Recipes and Stories For PC Download Free Windows 10/8/7 Mac

Is there a web version of My Cafe Recipes and Stories on Facebook or anywhere else? No, it seems that the developer doesn’t intent to expand the game into the Facebook market yet. There is also no other platform where you can access to the game from a web browser like most of other restaurant games. My Cafe Recipes and Stories is available for only iOS or Android.

However, with the help of an android emulator, we will be able to download and play My Cafe Recipes and Stories on a Windows PC or Mac. Android emulator is a software originally used by app developers to test their app before publishing into the mobile market. Now, since the demand for running mobile apps on PC has noticeably increased, some android emulators have evolved into a software that everyone will be able to use.

Among all available android emulators, we recommend Bluestacks 2 App Player. It’s currently the most widely used android emulator in the world and is free to use. By using Bluestacks 2, you will be able to download My Cafe Recipes and Stories for PC and play it on your Windows PC or Mac.

my cafe recipes and stories for pc download free

My Cafe Recipes and Stories For PC Download Mac Windows 7/8/10 via Bluestacks

The very first step is to download Bluestacks 2 App Player from It should show you the right version according to your current OS whether it’s a Windows PC or Mac.

Download and install Bluestacks 2. Installation should go well unless if you have lesser than 1gb of RAM which is the minimum requirement for Bluestacks 2 to run on your PC. Once installed, launch Bluestacks from the desktop.

On the Bluestacks home page, search for My Cafe Recipes and Stories for PC. Select and install it once found. You can also go to the Android tab, select Search and search for My Cafe Recipes and Stories for PC to install it.

If you are asked to login to your Google Play account, do so like how you first did on your mobile phone. It’s for Google Play authentication and completely safe to sign in with Bluestacks.

my cafe recipes and stories for pc download

When My Cafe Recipes and Stories for PC installation is completed, run the game either from Bluestacks home screen or under Android tab. Enjoy the game!

My Cafe Recipes and Stories for PC download features

In My Cafe: Recipes & Stories for PC, you will be managing a coffee shop where you will have to serve coffee and bakery goods to your customers. Advancing the game by earning coins from your customers, building diner, bakery, or restaurant, hiring staffs, purchasing and adding more furnitures, pricing your goods on the menu, etc.

Decorating your restaurant is especially a fun thing to do. Some exclusive items and level ups would require diamond which can only be purchased by real money. Like most of all other games, this is how developers profit from players who play their games. But believe me, it’s still a very fun game to play without paying for it.

You can also connect your restaurant to your Facebook account and see how your Facebook friends run their restaurants. Enjoy the game!