Whether if you want to conserve your phone’s or tablet’s battery or that you just want to dominate your opponent with better and much precise clicking, downloading and playing Clash Royale game on PC will definitely help in all kinds of situation.

Clash Royale is yet another huge mobile game from Supercell, the company that owns the most played and most profitable mobile game ever made in history, Clash of Clans. No doubt this game will definitely go viral at the speed of light. This post will show you how you can download and play Clash Royale on PC running Windows 7/8/10 or Mac for free.

Clash Royale For PC Download Free Facebook

You may have already looked for a way to play Clash Royale for PC on Facebook, but too bad Supercell has no intention to expand its games to the Facebook market.

Unlike most other mobile games which are also available on Facebook for players to easily sync their game progresses between PC and mobile devices, Clash Royale will not be available on Facebook.

If you head to the Clash Royale Facebook page, you would only see a Send to Mobile link button which will only send the app download invitation to your mobile device.

Clash Royale for PC download free facebook

We have no choice but to go through another way to download and play Clash Royale on PC. The only way left to download Clash Royale for PC is by using Android Emulator. An android emulator is a software that is able to emulate android OS on your desktop PC. In other words, you will be running a virtual android device directly on your PC.

Among all the popular android emulators, we recommend Bluestacks as it’s currently the most used android emulator and is also free to use.

Clash Royale Game For PC Download Free Windows 10/8/7 Mac via Bluestacks

To download Clash Royale for PC, we will need to first download and Install Bluestacks 2 on your PC or Mac. If you are currently using the old Bluestacks App Player, it’s important to update it to Bluestacks 2 for better apps compatibility.

Launch Bluestacks 2 when it’s installed. At the home page, search for Clash Royale.

Select Clash Royale for PC from the result. You will be directed to the Google Play Store to download and install Clash Royale.

Clash Royale game for PC Download free

If it’s your first time launching Bluestacks, you will be prompted to log into your Google account. Do so like how you did on your mobile devices.

Clash Royale for PC Download free without bluestacks

When Clash Royale is successfully installed, launch it from the “Android” tab in Bluestacks. Enjoy the game!

Clash Royale for PC Download free

Clash Royale For PC Download Free Without Bluestacks

If you are looking to not use Bluestacks but other android emulators instead, perhaps due to unsolvable error during installation, we recommend Andy android emulator or often known as andyroid.

Andyroid is second to Bluestacks and is much more simple to use. It supports a wide range of nearly all popular apps and games. Certainly it would run Clash Royale perfectly as well.

Clash Royale showing Pre-Register coming soon

The reason for any app to show the Pre-Register button in Google Play Store is that the particular app isn’t yet available in your country.

Even if the app or game has already been released in most other countries, yours can take up to several months depending on the company itself for the game to officially launch in your country.

It can also mean that your device isn’t supported or compatible with Clash Royale just yet. Switch to another device and try to download Clash Royale again.

clash royale for pc download pre-register coming soon

If you know how to use a VPN, you can route your internet to another country such as US or HK and then Play Store should detect your device at the stated VPN location and thus making the download and installation of Clash Royale possible.

About Clash Royale Game For PC Download Free

Clash Royale game for PC uses most of the characters, units and spells similar to that of Clash of Clans such as Giants (of course), barbarians, archers, fireballs, and much more.

Your objective in a fight is to destroy all enemy’s towers by continuously summoning your troops. The troops will automatically charge towards the towers and attack until they die in the battle. Summoning troops requires elixir which will be constantly generated. The key to winning a fight in the game is to utilize the elixir and make sure they are fully used up for the most effective troops or combinations of several types of troops and spells during the fight.

You can unlock chest as the game progresses. Unlocking chest takes time and the waiting time may increase as the game advances. It can, however, be boosted by gem (purchasable with real life cash money). Cases contain new unit cards, decks, new spells, cards for upgrades, packs of gold and more.

Unit, character or spell upgrade requires gold and level. The amount of gold and level needed may increase as you play the game.

Joining or creating a clan in Clash Royale will be unlocked at level 3. Both the Shop and TV Royale will also be unlocked at Arena level 1.