Mobile Legends Bang Bang is currently one of the most popular mobile online game inspired by the world most played PC game – League of Legends. Though the game is only for mobile phone users, we can make it possible to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang on PC and beating your opponents with better controls on your mouse and keyboard.

We once thought that a MOBA game shouldn’t be possible to be played on mobile phone due to its high complexity and massive controls which are not even possible for something as small as an iPhone. Well, now here we are, Mobile Legends Bang bang made it possible with extremely creative and innovative ways to control your character in the game. Here’s how you can also Mobile Legends on your PC.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang for PC Download Explained

Mobile Legends was originally made solely for mobile phones and tablets and will most likely be sticking to these devices only. It is not meant to be played on a PC or Mac computer. There is no other kind of accessible mediums such as Facebook or web browser to the game other than playing it on your phones as an installed app.

However, it is possible to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang on PC with the help of a virtual Android emulator. Yes, you heard it right. An android simulator was originally made for apps and games developers to test their game directly on their computer by simulating a virtual android device. With this trick, you can literally use any mobile app or play any mobile game (if given the touching interface is compatible) on your PC computer.

Don’t worry about the process. It’s unbelievably easier than you think to install and start using one of these android emulators. There are already a few emulators made mainly for end users like you with easy to use interface and navigation. Among the most popular ones, we recommend Bluestacks App Player 2. It’s a free to use (with some ads) and most widely used android simulators worldwide. A full written step-by-step instruction will be shown below.

mobile legends for PC

Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang for PC via Bluestacks

Firstly, download and install Bluestacks App Player 2. It supports both Windows 10/8/7 and Mac computer. Just follow the on-screen instructions (pretty much just pressing the Next buttons) while installing Bluestacks.

Once downloaded, launch Bluestacks App Player from your desktop. In the welcome screen near the top of the app, there will be a search field to search for apps in Google Play. Search for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The app should show up as soon as you enter “mobile”. Click on it and click install to begin downloading and installing Mobile Legends Bang Bang for PC.

By default, if this is your first time running Bluestacks, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account to enable app sync for Google Play before you can install any app or game. Just do so like how you did on your smartphone. It’s just a normal procedure for Google Play and is totally safe to sign in your Google account in Bluestacks.

Once Mobile Legends Bang Bang is installed, you can find it in the welcome screen. If it doesn’t show up, look for it in the Android tab. It should sit right there, or press “All Apps” to show all the apps if you have too many apps installed.

mobile legends bang bang for PC download

About Mobile Legends For PC Download

It’s totally legal to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang on a PC. It’s not really cheating to play it on PC although it seems like it. You will be surprised for how much easier it is to navigate with WASD keyboard keys and other keys mapping. In such a competitive game where speed and precision matter the most, you will definitely have enormous advantages playing Mobile Legends on a PC than other players on their phones.

So, it’s pretty much like how you played on your devices. You move with your WASD keyboard keys. For skills and other buttons on the screen, you can use Bluestacks controller and keyboard mapping in the game to set keys on any area of the screen.

Download mobile legends bang bang for PC Windows 10 Mac

To do so, click on the WASD icon (looks like the keyboard arrow keys) near the upper right corner in Bluestacks. Tap the upper left toggle to enable keyboard mapping. Select any area you would like to set a key on and click on it. Enter your desired keyboard key for that selected area. Click X and then click save. Try to press the set key now. It will act just like you tap on that area of the screen. It’s so much easier now isn’t it?