Nonstop Knight is a slow pace mobile role-playing game (RPG) which has been gaining insane popularity over the past few months. Due to its competitive gameplay environment, players have been looking for a way to play Nonstop Knight for PC on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac computer, instead of having to keep playing on a tiny screen mobile phone.

Playing Nonstop Knight on Windows PC or Mac would definitely save you time and money from having to keep charging your mobile phone or tablet which may vastly reduces its battery life span. Downloading Nonstop Knight for PC also allows you to play it on a much larger and wider screen than on a mobile device. Controlling using mouse and keyboard would definitely help in better and much more precise clicking especially for a game like Nonstop Knight which requires constant tapping.

Nonstop Knight Game for PC Download Free Windows 10/8/7 Mac

Although we keep mentioning about Nonstop Knight for PC, unlike other mobile games which also accessible from its Facebook page or on its own website via a browser, Nonstop Knight was never designed for PC computer and is not available on Facebook or anywhere else on the internet.

The trick that we will be doing in order to play Nonstop Knight on a PC computer is by using a software we called Android emulator. Like its name suggests, an android emulator simulates a virtual android device directly on your computer. It was originally intended for app developers to test their apps on a computer before publishing them onto the mobile market. Since the demand for using app on a PC has been greatly increasing, some of these android emulators have transformed into something everyone can use with ease.

Among all the end-user friendly android emulators, we recommend Bluestacks 2 App Player. It’s by far the most popular android emulator in the world now due to its ease of use and cost-free installation. Proper installation guide for Bluestacks 2 and Nonstop Knight for PC will be listed below.

download nonstop knight for pc free

Download Nonstop Knight for PC free Windows 7/8/10 Mac via Bluestacks

Bluestacks 2 app player is available for both Windows PC and Mac computer. You can download Bluestacks 2 from its official website

To download, install and play Nonstop Knight for PC on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac computer, follow the steps below:

  1. Download Bluestacks 2 for your Windows PC or Mac.
  2. Install Bluestacks (make sure you have 2GB or more RAM otherwise it won’t allow you to install it).
  3. Open up Bluestacks once its installation is completed. On the Welcome screen, search for Nonstop Knight. Optionally, you can go to the Android tab (beside Welcome), click on the Search app and then search for Nonstop Knight. Tap Install to install Nonstop Knight for PC.
  4. If it’s your first time accessing to Google Play via Bluestacks, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account for verification. Do so like how you did when you first launching your phone. It’s completely safe to login to your Google account on Bluestacks.
  5. After Nonstop Knight for PC installation is completed, launch it from the Welcome screen, or optionally, from the Android tab (or All Apps to expand the app selection when you have too many apps). It’s recommended that you search or launch app from the Android tab instead of the welcome screen.
  6. Enjoy the game!

nonstop knight for pc windows 10 8 7 mac

Tips: The Bluestacks TV tab is not needed to play any game or app on Bluestacks. Feel free to just close it. You can also change the app size for Nonstop Knight by clicking the change app size button from the menu on the left in Bluestacks.

Nonstop Knight Game for PC Download without Bluestacks

If you face unsolvable problems with Bluestacks or that you simply don’t want to use Bluestacks, you can try playing Nonstop Knight for PC via other popular android emulators.

Listed below are a few of the most widely used android emulators in the market now:

  • Andyroid android emulator
  • Genymotion
  • Youwave
  • DuoS

Some of these may need a subscription while others can be used for free along with some pop up advertisement gradually appear as you use. All of these should be able to download and play Nonstop Knight for PC on a Windows or Mac.

nonstop knight for pc download

About Nonstop Knight for PC

Nonstop Knight for PC is a game where your knight will keep killing monsters and advancing floor levels without stopping, thus the name, Nonstop knight. What a player actually have to do is to tap on available skills and use awarded items such as frenzy potion and boss tickets whenever necessary.

It may sound like a boring game since you don’t really have to move your knight other than spamming his skills. But, the keys to success in this game are your reaction and timing of your skills in different situation that count. Well, farming for stronger weapons and armors and upgrade them are always fun if you like RPG games.

Every few floor levels you will be fighting a boss which reward you with a wooden (or mystery) chest upon winning the boss. These chests will reveal an unidentified item which must be one of the following equipments: weapon, helmet or cloak. Stats are given randomly when you identify the equipment. You can also reroll its stats by using gem (purchasable via the shop with real money or by completing quest and achievements or sometimes by watching ads videos).

You will have to keep killing to earn coins from monsters and keep upgrading in order to advance higher floor levels. Ascend your knight when you start feeling the impossibility to advance to next floor. Ascending will reward you with tokens which can be exchanged for extremely powerful upgrades such as +100% weapon damage, skill damage, armor or frenzy potion duration. Compete with players on the leaderboard or your friends brings more fun to the game.

Last but not least, you will have to be aware of sites that claimed to be able to give you free items, relics, coins, gems, tokens, diamonds or whatever in-game currency through their so called cheating or hacking system for Nonstop Knight, keep away and don’t ever trust those sites as they are illegal and fake which ultimately install viruses onto your PC.