This tutorial will show you how to change Microsoft Edge Home Page, or often known as Start page, to any webpage (or multiple web pages) you want.

If your PC was just upgraded from a previous version of Windows, since Microsoft Edge is an entirely new kind of browser that is meant to replace Internet Explorer 11, whatever your Internet Explorer’s settings were, they will not be brought forward to Microsoft Edge after upgrading to Windows 10. You will have to set everything all over again in Microsoft Edge.

How to Change Microsoft Edge Home Page

By default before you set or change anything, Microsoft Edge will show you what they call the Start Page which consists of news feed tailored for you based on your country and location, the weather of the day, Windows Store recommended apps, and various blog articles all powered by MSN on your Edge’s home screen whenever you launch Microsoft Edge.

If you don’t like the Start Page features or that you simply want something else to be opened in Microsoft Edge whenever it’s launched, follow the instructions below to change the Microsoft Edge home page.

To change Microsoft Edge home page, click on the triple dotted horizontal line icon at the upper right corner in Edge, select Settings. The second option below the Choose a theme option, under Open With, select whichever type of pages you want Microsoft Edge to open whenever you launch it. Each of these options will be explained in detail below.

How to Change Microsoft Edge Home Page Start Page

Microsoft Edge Home Page Change Options Explained

The Start page, as mentioned earlier, is the homepage powered by MSN that basically consists of news feed, weather, sports scores, articles, and other kinds of widgets which you can freely customize. It’s also worth to mention that the search bar will not force you to use Bing or Yahoo Search (since they are both owned by Microsoft), it will be based on the Microsoft Edge default search engine (Google) you have set. It’s definitely something worth reserving in Microsoft Edge.

As for the New tab page option, it will open the page exactly like how it would when you open a new tab in Microsoft Edge. It’s actually similar to that of Start page but with an extra Top sites widget that shows you the top pages you have visited, followed by all the widgets mentioned in Start Page. You can also change the way the new tabs looks to show a blank page, top sites, or top sites with suggested content via the “Open new tabs with” option.

Previous pages option will allow Microsoft Edge to open all the webpages you have left opened when you last closed Microsoft Edge. For example, you have two tabs opened, and your Facebook page, if you close Microsoft Edge now and re-launch it, it will automatically re-open the exact same two pages.

How to Change Microsoft Edge Home Page multiple tabs

To open a specific page or multiple pages of your choice whenever you launch Microsoft Edge, select the “A specific page or pages“, select Custom. In the Enter a web address field, enter the web address you want to open and then click on the plus sign. Enter as many web pages as you want. Microsoft Edge will open them in different tabs whenever you launch it.

What if Microsoft Edge home page is hijacked

If your Microsoft Edge home page has been hijacked and continuously showing malicious pages whenever you launch Microsoft Edge even after you have attempted to change it multiple times, it’s probably due to some malwares or Trojan horses constantly overwriting your changes and force Edge to open whatever malicious page they want you to open.

In this case, you will need to scan your computer for malwares and viruses and fix them with an anti-virus program. We recommend Avast Free Antivirus. It will most likely be able to detect the malware or viruses and remove them.

If an antivirus can’t solve the problem, recall and inspect the programs and software you have installed before the incident happened via the add or remove program in control panel. Remove or uninstall any suspicious program you think is the cause of the problem. Hopefully that will solve it.