People especially the old folks and those who are not very good with computers often have problems getting to the correct login home page. They tend to always go through numerous unnecessary websites before they get to the login page.

The common reason is that they do not know how the modern browser’s address bar works, or that their browser has been affected by adware which always redirect the users to unwanted websites whenever they want to go to the Facebook login home page.

Type the URL instead of phrases into the Address bar

Address bar is where you enter a website URL that you wish to visit. Modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) also allows user to perform search directly from the address bar itself. This is what confuses the novice computer users into thinking that they can go to the website they wanted by simply typing the name of the website instead of its URL.

If let’s say you type login into the address bar because you want to go to the facebook login page, the browser will then perform a search of the phrase “ login” using the default search engine and show you the search results instead of directing you to Facebook homepage.

The quickest way to access to Facebook homepage is by typing only onto your browser’s address bar and hit enter (without anything else). http or https such as is not necessary. If whatever you’ve entered is recognized as an URL but not a phrase, your browser will direct you to the website.

Facebook Login Welcome to Facebook

Most of the time the official Facebook homepage link will be the first few results on the search result page but why would you want to give yourself more troubles? There will also be many other irrelevant results on the first page of the search results “which usually full of ads” that tries to get you to their sites instead of the one you actually want to visit. Practice to type only or into the browser’s address bar. If you’ve done this yet the browser direct you to something else, please read the next solution.

Making sure the URL is correct

If you have double checked that your UR is correct yet you are on a different page than Facebook, your computer has probably been infected by adware or malware.

Adware is a kind of computer software that shows unwanted advertisements via a generated pop ups or redirecting your website to their desired advertisements. Malware (Malicious software), however, is a much serious software that will do damage to your computer system. Well, both adware and malware have the capabilities of redirecting you from the website you wish to visit to any dangerous website they want to show you.

facebook login adware blocked

If it’s the case, you would want to install an antivirus software and an adware removal tool to get rid of them. We recommend Avast Free Antivirus and Ad-aware Free Antivirus. Use the antivirus software to do a full scan of your computer and then restart once you’ve done scanning and killing the infected files.

Going back to Facebook Login Welcome to Facebook l p Page

Assuming if you are new to Facebook and if you see something else like a news feed when you enter, it means that you are currently logged into someone else account and viewing his or her news feed. This is very common if you are using a public computer that other people can use. This is also why people’s FB account get hacked simply because they forgot to log out.

Welcome to Facebook log out

To go back to the Facebook login welcome to facebook page, you will have to logout from whoever’s facebook account first before you can signing in yours. To log out from Facebook, click on the drop down menu at the upper right corner and select Log Out. You will then be redirected back to the welcome to facebook screen. Proceed to login.