This post explains how to fix and get rid of the 429 error message “We’re sorry but you have sent too many requests to us recently. Please try again later. That’s all we know.” showed by Google when you access to Google Drive, Google Trends, Gmail or any other Google product.

This particular error by Google often shows up if you access to its apps such as Google Drive or Google Trends at an abnormal rate in a relatively short period of time. Opening its product in several different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge or IE) at the same time may also trigger the error.

When Google detects suspicious activities and think you are a bot or spammer, it will also shoot you with that error code 429 We’re sorry but you have sent too many requests to us recently. Here’s a few common methods to get rid of the error and be able to access to your app again.

Fix We’re sorry but you have sent too many requests to us recently

The most common solution for this error is to just wait it out til the error goes away itself.

The error message will in fact be gone after some time of not accessing to the Google product you’re trying to access, since this error itself means you are requesting too much from them and you just need to slow things down with them.

If you have already waited a few hours but the error persists, or that you urgently need to access to your Google Drive account, continue to the solutions below.

We are sorry but you have sent too many requests to us recently

Changing IP address, if you are able to

Google recognizes individual mainly by his or her current IP address (sometimes by browser’s cookies too). If your current IP address is temporary tagged as spam, Google will show you the error. Thus, changing your IP address can refresh your session and be able to access to your Google app again.

This can only be done if you have a dynamic IP address provided by your internet service provider (ISP), of which you can easily change your IP address by simply restarting your modem and router. Try switching your modem and router off. Switch them back on after 10 minutes. Now try to access to whichever Google app you were having problem with.

If you have a fixed IP address, this cannot be done. However, using a proxy or virtual private network (VPN) can also bypass the error since connecting to a proxy means temporary getting a new IP address.

Google error Changing IP address

How to not get the 429 error by Google again

The error “We’re sorry but you have sent too many requests to us recently please try again later” mainly indicates that our browsers were sending too many requests at once from Google’s server in a rather short period of time. To avoid this to happen, slow down as you browse and use the product, be it Google Drive, Trends, Gmail or whatever else.

Don’t repeatedly refreshing the same page. Don’t open too many tabs for one single Google product in one browser. Certainly don’t open the same Google product in multiple browsers using the same IP address.

Sometimes this would also happen if there is something going on at Google’s side. A maintenance or an unexpected server error will sometimes trigger the error. For this, there is nothing we can do about it other than waiting for Google to sort them out themselves.