Here’s how you should correctly and safely log into your Twitter account on sign in page and how to not repeat entering username and password on over and over again every time you want to sign in to

It’s important you know the best practices when you login to your Twitter account to ensure your account is always safe from getting hacked or stolen by hackers. Listed below are everything you should know about login and how to better safe guard your Twitter account. sign in page – easiest way to access

If we are not accessing to sign in page correctly, we often had to go past at least a few websites full of junks before we can finally reach to the correct twitter login page. Here’s why and how you should do it correctly.

General rule of thumb is that if you want to access to a very common website such as, you should only be typing its URL address onto your browser address bar. People now always have a bad habit that they will enter phrases even though they know where they want to go. If you want to go to Twitter, type in the address bar of whatever browser you are using and hit enter.

The reason behind this particular bad habit is that the modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft’s Edge or Internet Explorer, allow users to search directly from their address bar. This means that if you are entering phrases or anything else other than a proper web address, the browser will perform a search for the words you have entered on the default search engine and redirect you to the result page. For example, if you enter “twitter login” instead of just ““, you would be sent to a result page of the searched phrase on Google (or other previously set search engine), instead of going to the correct Twitter homepage.

So, make sure you type only the correct twitter URL address into your browser’s address bar before you hit enter. Also double check if you would misspell Doing this reduce the risk of entering a fake Twitter login page and may even endanger your Twitter account if you accidentally give them your login details.

How to quickly login to your Twitter account

If you hate to always repeatedly enter your Twitter login username and password every time you want to use your Twitter, here’s how you can make your browser to remember your Twitter login session and, thus, making your next visit automatically logged into your Twitter account.

In login homepage, after you have entered your email username and password, tick the checkbox that says Remember me before you hit enter or press the Log in button. Doing this will allow your browser to remember your logged in session in Twitter. The next time you visit, it will automatically log into your Twitter account and direct you to your Twitter homepage.

Please be noted that the remember me feature only works if you allow cookies in your browser. If ticking remember me won’t work as intended, check if your browser’s cookie is disabled or that Twitter is blocked by your browser.

twitter sign into my account remember me

To further save the hassle from always having to type, bookmark Twitter to your bookmark bar or wherever you prefer by pressing CTRL + D while in the homepage.

The downside of Twitter’s “remember me” login option

Since the feature allows automatic sign in, it can also potentially endanger your account if you are using it incorrectly.

The remember me option in Twitter login is pretty much the same as those in other login forms such as “stay signed in” in Google login. These options allow your browser to automatically log you into your account the next time you open the same website. It does this even after you have closed the browser and switched off the computer.

Now, imagine if you’ve accidentally ticked this option when you login to your twitter account using a public computer in an airport, internet cafe or a shopping mall. The next person who open in the same computer would be able to use your twitter account since it’s already logged in.

Make sure you don’t use this option during sign in if you are to use a computer that everyone else can use.

If you realize that you have signed in else where public recently, you should now force your account to logout of Twitter from all devices. Read more about how to logout of Twitter below.

Browser’s Remember Password option when you sign into

Other than the on-page feature provided by Twitter in its login form, your web browser, be it Firefox, Chrome, IE or Microsoft Edge, would also ask if you want it to remember your typed username and password when you login to Twitter.

If you allow it to remember them, the next time you visit the same page with the same login form, it will automatically fill the username and password for you. Well, it’s supposed to be a good thing because you don’t have to type your username and password again when you visit to Twitter login. But it can also expose your login info if you hit the option in a public computer like those mentioned above.

Just make sure you don’t allow the computer or twitter to remember your login session, login info or anything else if you are using a computer which you have no control of.

How it’s like when you are logged into

If you are new to Twitter and have no idea what it’s supposed to look like when you have logged in, here’s a screenshot of a logged in Twitter homepage. That’s where you read tweets and post tweets.

You can easily compose a tweet by simply pressing the Tweet blue button at upper right corner of the page and start writing your tweet. The left panel shows your account status including number of people who follows you, number of pages you are following, and more. login account info

If that’s not your account you are browsing with, you should probably log out.

Add a phone number for better secured Twitter login

If you value your account very much and can’t afford to lose it or getting hacked, you should add a phone number to your Twitter account for login verification.

When you have a phone added and bound to your account, every time you or anyone else attempt to log into your account, other than the username and password, you must also enter a piece of code which will be sent to your phone upon request. So, if an internet thief has your username and password, he or she wouldn’t be able to login to your Twitter account if they don’t have that piece of code sent to your phone. login add a phone verification

You can easily add your phone number to your account via Account > Settings > Security and Privacy > Login verification > add a phone to your Twitter account.

How to logout of | Twitter sign out

If you have done using your account and want to sign out to avoid other people from using your account, here’s how to logout of Twitter.

how to logout of twitter from all devices

In your Twitter homepage, click on your Twitter’s avatar at the top right corner of the page. Then, click logout to sign out of Twitter immediately.

To logout Twitter from all devices, go to Account > Settings > Applications or optionally go directly to this page That’s a list of apps currently logged into your twitter account, click Revoke Access to revoke the login session on that device.