It is very common that people find themselves lost when they met problem with Yahoo Mail sign in when they get to the Yahoo Mail sign in homepage. It is especially important that you know the correct way to log into your Yahoo Mail email inbox account if you value your account very much.

We will show you how to properly and safely sign in to Yahoo Mail, tips on how to better secure your Yahoo Mail email account, explanation about the new MY Yahoo customize-able page and Yahoo Mail Mobile login.

Yahoo Mail Sign In Page – Email Inbox Login

The correct URL to access and sign in to Yahoo Mail is via any official Yahoo URL ending with

This is important because there are many malicious websites on the internet that were designed to look exactly the same as the Yahoo Mail sign in homepage to cheat people into believing that they are real and steal their login details.

However, Yahoo Mail has many different types of URLs mainly made for different counties which are all legitimate and safe to login into your Yahoo Mail inbox account as long as it’s from the main domain We will explain more about this in the next section.

To log into your Yahoo Mail email inbox, go to Click onthe Sign In button at the upper right corner of the Yahoo homepage. Sign in with your details or create an account if you don’t already have one.

yahoo Mail sign in homepage login uk usa

Yahoo mail sign in login UK USA or other countries

Yahoo has separated homepages tailored for each country. The purpose of this is to provide news, articles and search results as relevant as possible for each country. However, there is no difference between signing into Yahoo Mail via Yahoo U.K or via Yahoo USA.

You will ultimately be redirected to your Yahoo Mail inbox no matter from whichever Yahoo homepage you visisted to login to Yahoo Mail.

If you insist to visit and sign into Yahoo Mail via the Yahoo homepage of your country, simply enter your country’s alphabet onto the address before (by removing www). For example, for Yahoo mail sign in UK, you will want to go to, whereas for Yahoo mail login USA, go to, for India, for Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.

Yahoo Facebook Login Sign in

You can sign into Yahoo Mail using your Facebook login session. But first you will have to link your Yahoo Mail account to your Facebook account in order to do so.

To sign in to Yahoo Mail using Facebook login, at the Yahoo Mail sign in form, click on the link Sign in with Facebook or Google near the sign in button. When prompted for confirmation, click on okay. Sign in with your Yahoo ID to complete the linking. The next time you click on the same link, you will automatically be signed into Yahoo Mail without having to enter your details again.

Update: It seems that this feature has been stripped away from Yahoo Mail login page. There is no longer link for Yahoo Facebook login. The only thing left is the default Yahoo Mail login form to login to your Yahoo Mail inbox.

MY Yahoo Mail Sign In

My Yahoo is a newly introduced all-in-one personal Yahoo homepage where you can customize everything to best suit your needs. It is one single place where you can access to your Yahoo Mail, customized and chosen news, your personal calendar, selected stock quotes, weather reports, Flickr, Gmail, and more that you can drag and drop to anywhere you want them to be on the page.

my yahoo mail sign in

My Yahoo can be accessed from the yahoo mail homepage or directly from You will have to login to your Yahoo Mail before you can start using your personal My Yahoo page. It is also the most recommended way to log into Yahoo Mail email inbox.

Yahoo Messenger Login Sign In – login

Yahoo Messenger is a service integrated with Yahoo Mail that used to be one of the most widely used messenger in the world.

You can log into your Yahoo Messenger by simply going to You can also choose to access to Yahoo Messenger directly from your Yahoo Mail inbox page by clicking on the messenger icon once you’ve signed into Yahoo Mail.

yahoo messenger login

Yahoo Mail Sign In Login Mobile for iPhone Android

The easiest way to sign into Yahoo Mail from a mobile phone or tablet is by accessing it on a browser such as Chrome or Safari. To be on the convenient side, you can download and use the Yahoo Mail app made officially by Yahoo from the AppStore or Play Store.

The Yahoo Mail app makes sign in much easier as you don’t need to keep logging in every time you re-open Yahoo Mail as you did on any browser. When you have verified and signed into your Yahoo Mail app for once, it will remember you and the next time you open the app, you will automatically be redirected to your Yahoo Mail inbox.

The best thing is that you can even create a Yahoo Mail widget on your Android home screen to show you new emails whenever you unlock your phone. Follow and Like us for more useful tips!