This post will show you how to create Baidu account outside mainland China without using a China local phone number (for verification), and be able to download from

We often bump into rare downloads hosted in Pan Baidu which can’t be found anywhere else no matter how hard we try. And only to find out that it requires a login to Pan Baidu Cloud account in order to download the file, specifically files that are large in size. Pan Baidu, also known as Baidu WangPan or Baidu Cloud, is the most popular file hosting service in China originally aim to serve only their locals.

how to download from

How to create Pan Baidu account outside China

In the default Baidu account sign up page, it requires an official China local phone number to verify your Baidu account creation, making it impossible for us to create an account from it if we don’t have a China phone number.

Well, in the past when Baidu still accepts users outside China, there was a link in the account sign up page where oversea users like us can use to create a Baidu account. But, since some time ago, the link was removed. We still don’t know what’s Baidu’s intention on this but existing Baidu users from overseas who previously registered with them are not affected.

However, we can still access to the oversea sign up page if we access directly to it by typing the URL. It’s seems that Baidu only stripped away the link but retain the oversea sign up page. Perhaps it’s because Baidu doesn’t want new oversea users anymore and was just trying to reduce new non-local users as much as they can.

How to register Pan Baidu account oversea in US

You can access to the baidu oversea login page from here. In that page, you will be able to change the dialing codes internationally, hence, making it possible to enter your phone number to receive SMS verification.

There is no translation on the site, hence, not very user-friendly for oversea English person like us. We will have to translate the page ourselves with external tool such as google translate in Chrome or Firefox addon.

Here’s how to correctly create a Baidu Cloud account from

  1. Optionally, translate the sign up page using Chrome Google translate for easier navigation.
  2. Select your country dialing code. Choose +1 for US phone number.
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Enter your desired username in the second field.
  5. When you click on the third field, you will probably be prompted a puzzle to prove that you are a human.
  6. Complete the puzzle. It will then send you a SMS verification to your phone.
  7. Enter the verification code into the third field.
  8. Enter your desired password in the forth field.
  9. Press the big blue register button.

How to Create Pan Baidu Account

If your mobile phone’s country code is not listed, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Sign in Baidu with email address as username instead of phone number

Once you’ve created a Baidu account, the next time you want to sign in to your baidu account, you can choose to enter your username or your phone number as your username. To login to or Baidu Tieba, go to In the login form, enter your username and password. You can now head back over to the files you wanted to download earlier and begin your download.

Optionally, you can change your baidu sign in method from using phone number to using email address to login to your baidu account in the Baidu account setting page. To change it, click on your username at the upper right while you are logged in, select settings. Enter your email address and verify it when requested.

Read more about how to correctly use Pan Baidu and how to download its Baidu WangPan downloader below.

How to download from without account

For most files, videos or other kinds of documents hosted in, you can’t download them without a Baidu account.

Sometimes if the file you want to download is tiny in size, perhaps something smaller than 10mb (not sure about the exact size limit), it will allow you to directly download it from the web without signing in to a Baidu account. In most cases, you will still have to create and login to a Pan Baidu account in order to download any file from

It also depends if the uploader requires downloader to have a Baidu account or not when they upload the file. Some restricted files are set to only available for valid Pan Baidu users.

Once you have made a Pan Baidu account and are logged into it, you will get to install its download client called Baidu NetDisk PC (or Baidu WangPan) to download any file you want without any restriction along with a speed boost (fast download) whenever you download anything from The Baidu NetDisk downloader is also available in Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Updates about the new login interface

You can now create or login to baidu account directly from or Tieba Baidu. You just have to switch the login form to oversea version in Pan Baidu Cloud.

how to register baidu account outside China

If you have a translated version of, you should already be able to see the switch link. If you don’t, here’s a screenshot of where the link is located to switch to oversea login.

To create a pan baidu account, switch the pan baidu sign in form to oversea. Then, click on the white button that says register Baidu account. You will be directed to the official Baidu account sign up page.