This post is for those who want to test their internet download speed by downloading a certain size of dummy bin files. We will list a few download speed test files each with a common size from 100KB, 100MB, 1GB, 5GB to 10GB.

These files are not hosted on our servers. These are the dummy files provided by a few popular file hosting companies. Thus, please download at your own risk.

Download Speed Test File 10GB 1GB 10MB UK Australia USA

The dummy files are solely for download speed test purpose and are not meant to be run for any other purpose.

  • Download speed test file 10 GB – UK – Australia – USA
    (download links removed)
  • Download speed test file 5 GB – UK – Australia – USA
  • Download speed test file 1 GB – UK – Australia – USA
  • Download speed test file 100 MB – UK – Australia – USA
  • Download speed test file 100 KB – UK – Australia – USA

Update 2: We are truly sorry for removing the download links due to the files no longer being hosted on previous servers. As an alternative for now, you can check out this page for the download speed test files in various sizes. We will try our best to look for another source for hosting the dummy files. Til then, stay tuned.

Update: The download speed test files listed above are hosted via FTP in servers located at US, Australia and UK respectively. If your ISP have no problem routing you offshore, there shouldn’t be any difference in download speed using the sample file from any of the three countries listed above.

download speed test file 10gb 1gb 10mb 100mb

Things you should know internet download speed test

The test result by downloading the files are not meant to be 100% accurate. The download speed can be affected by many factors such as location of the file hosted, your system status, your ISP speed limit, ISP location or packet based speed throttling, and more.

You should compare results from multiple download tests by downloading the files from all three different countries, and compare it with a proper internet speed test result on or other speed test tool.

Location is an important factor. The speed test results may show a significantly great difference as you expand the test to farther locations. The status and stability of the servers where the files are hosted also have a significant impact for the download speed test. Test your download speed on several different locations rather than just one before you decide to acknowledge your internet speed.

If you are on a high speed network, testing it on a WiFi wireless connection is not a smart thing to do and will certainly not giving you the best result. For an accurate result, test it on laptop or desktop computer connecting to the network (modem or router) via a wired LAN cable.

download speed file test uk australia usa

Tips on How to Improve your Internet Download Speed

After learning your download speed by testing the download file above, compare it with the speed your ISP (Internet Service Provider) promised you the first day you sign up for it. If it’s below par, then something must be wrong.

Well, you certainly can’t push the speed above what your ISP limits you. You can only improve your internet speed by reducing the unwanted bandwidth and speed leakage caused by unwanted background programs hidden in your system, be it Windows or Mac.

In Windows 10, you can easily check if any program is constantly sucking your internet download speed by going to the task manager. You can access to your task manager by right clicking the taskbar and select Task Manager. You should see 4 columns which listed as CPU, Memory, Disk and Network in the process tab. Click Network to sort all programs by heaviest network usage to the least. From there you can identify which program is abusing your internet download speed without your consent.