Dream League Soccer 2016 is yet another soccer mobile game, but this time with astounding graphic and fantastic gameplay control that we previously thought wasn’t possible on mobile devices. Dream League Soccer 2016 is intended for only Android Google Play and iOS App Store users. Here’s a simple guide on how you can also download and play Dream League Soccer 2016 on your PC or Mac computer.

Due to the increasing popularity of Dream League Soccer 2016 in both the iOS and Android market, its multiplayer environment has became very much competitive and intense which ultimately entice people into playing for a substantial amount of time. This can cause several problems such as quick battery life draining and reduces life span of their mobile phones and tablets. Playing Dream League Soccer for PC can also allow you to click more precisely since you can use both your keyboard and mouse to control.

Dream League Soccer 2016 For PC Download Facebook

Since the game is already so popular that nearly every soccer fan has it on their phones, why can’t it be like games such as candy crush which also has a Facebook version of the game?

For every mobile game that we wish to also play on PC, the very first thing to look for is if the game has a web version which we can access using an internet browser on Facebook or their own official website.

Well, for Dream League Soccer 2016, sadly it’s a no. There isn’t any web version of the game available on the internet. It’s pretty clear that it’s not really a smart thing to do to host such a high end graphical game on the web. It would cost millions dollars of bandwidth if every user has to download it every time they load it on the website.

So, how do we forcefully play Dream League Soccer 2016 on PC? With the help of a software called android emulator, it makes playing any android game possible on any Windows PC or Mac computer.

Simply put, an android simulator is a software that runs a virtual android device on your PC. Its original intention was to assist and allow app developer to test their apps before releasing them. It’s pretty fun to play around with android emulator when you know how to use it.

dream league soccer for pc download free

There are already a lot of android emulators that are made compatible and end user friendly for ordinary computer users like us. Among all the available emulators, we recommend Bluestacks 2 App player as it’s one of the few that offer such software free of charge (with gradual ads) and it’s extremely easy to use.

Dream League Soccer 2016 For PC Download Free via Bluestacks

Before we start, you have to download and install Bluestacks 2. It supports both Windows and Mac OS. Head to the website, click on the download button, follow the on-screen instruction (just a few clicks of Next button) to begin installing the software.

Once Bluestacks is successfully installed, launch it. Go to the home screen and simply search for Dream League Soccer 2016 in the search field. Once found click on it to begin the installation of the app. Alternatively, you can also go to the Android tab and click on Search. Search for Dream League Soccer 2016. The latter will make sure you find the game as it searches directly from Google Play Store.

Before installation, you will usually be asked to log into your Google account. Just like any android device, sign in for the first time and begin installing Dream League Soccer 2016 for PC.

Dream League Soccer 2016 for pc download free

Once done, launch the game from Bluestacks home screen or from the android tab screen. Enjoy the game!

Dream League Soccer 2016 for pc download install

Download Dream League Soccer 2016 For PC without Bluestacks

If you insist not to use Bluestacks, perhaps due to error that you can’t solve when you install or run Bluestacks, you can try to use the following alternative android emulators.

  • Andy Android emulator
  • DuoS
  • Genymotion
  • Youwave
  • Manymo

We recommend Andyroid as second option as it’s also one of the most widely used android emulator currently in the market. Some of the listed emulators may require subscription of few dollars a month. Though we haven’t tested if these would be compatible to run Dream League Soccer 2016, you should give them a try if Bluestacks is not an option ultimately.

About Dream League Soccer 2016 for PC

Like all the popular soccer games we have been playing on PC such as FIFA world cup and Football manager where we get to actually control the soccer player and play the game, Dream League Soccer 2016 brings the same experience and gameplay to the mobile platform with extremely unbelievable stunning graphic that you wouldn’t believe possible exist in mobile phone.

In Dream League Soccer 2016 for PC, you get to choose the team and team leader you will be playing with. After advancing in the game, you also get to purchase or sell contracts to obtain powerful players and form your ultimate team.

After winning a few matches, you get to also join the multiplayer league where you will be fighting against real players from around the world. If you are a soccer fan, this is a must game in both your mobile phone and your PC.