One day you realize a group chat you have been a part of has a different like button. It’s not even the Like anymore but a random funny emoji that you used to use via the emoji window. So, how do you change the like button to any emoji you want on Facebook Chat or Messenger?

There is a good news and a bad news about the changing of the like button on Facebook Chat. The good news is that you don’t have to be the creator of the group chat to be able to change the like button on Facebook chat. Bad news is that you can only change it on your mobile device, either via Android mobile phone or Apple iOS iPhone. As far as we know, there is no way to change the like button via a browser on a PC or Mac.

How to Change the Like Button on Facebook Chat Messenger

Since you can’t change the like button of a Facebook group chat on your desktop computer, you will have to have Facebook Messenger App installed on your mobile phone or tablet.

If you haven’t done so, download and install Facebook Messenger app on your android or iOS device. Simply search for Facebook Messenger on the App Store or Google Play Store. Install it and launch it. You will be asked to log into your Facebook account the first time you launch Facebook Messenger.

How to Change the Like Button on Facebook Chat emoji

When you can finally launch Facebook Messenger, go to the chat (group or individual) you would like to change the like button from. Tap on the exclamation mark at the upper right corner of the chat window. Tap on Emoji. You can now select whichever emoji you like for the group chat. Swipe the emoji screen to the left for more different emoji.

Change the Like emoji Button on Facebook Chat

Things to know about changing the like button to other emoji in Facebook Chat Messenger

Once a new like emoji button is selected, everyone in the group will have the new emoji as their like button. Yes, it’s not just you, it will apply to all participants in the group chat.

Anyone in the group chat will be able to change the emoji any time he or she wants. There is no limit on how many times you can change the like button on Facebook Chat Messenger. As far as we know now, there is no way to restrict any person in the group chat from changing the like button.

All emoji will act the same as the original like button. When hold, it will enlarge its own size until you release it.

When the like button is changed, it will reflect on the group chat no matter which platform you use, desktop computers, mobile phones or tablets.

How to Change the Like Button on Facebook Chat Messenger

All available emoji are static pictures. As of now, there is no moving or animated emoji available for the like button yet.

Don’t fight with your friends just because of the like button. Have fun with the all new customized like button in Facebook Chat Messenger!

List of emoji you can possibly use in Facebook Chat like button

You can change the like button on Facebook Chat Messenger to the following Facebook emoticon: Grin, frown, cry, tongue, angel, devil, confused, wink, gasp, squint, upset, kiss, heart, kiki, sunglasses, shark, robot, grumpy, pacman, unsure, colonthree, penguin, like, like, poop, putnam, Umbrella, Sun, BrokenHeart, BlueHeartIcon, GreenHeart, YellowHeart, PurpleHeart, TripleHeart, StabbedHeart, Coolhearticon, WrappedHeart, SparklingHeartIcon, LipMark, Lips, inlove, Coupleinlove, Star, Stars, MusicNote, MusicNotes, Zzz, PurpleDevil, PeaceFingers, Dislike, ClenchedFist, A-oksign, HighFive, Twohandsreachingup, Musclearm, Fist, Apairofhandsclapping., Fingerpointingup, Indexfinger, Fingerpointingleft, Fingerpointingdown, Alien or GreenMonster.

Other than that of the casual ones, you can also choose emoji from the other categories such as HappyNewYear, Angel, Beer, Bell, Balloon, Fire, Thunder, Ghost, Moon, Phone, CocktailGlass, Clover, GraduationHat, Pumpkin, Skull, NailPolish, Wave, ChristmasTree, Ear, Nose, Girlwithbunnyears, Eyes, Bouquet, TV, Hamburger, Guardsman, ManWithTurban, SantaClaus, Policeman, ConstructionWorker, Princess, BlondeGirl, OlderMan, Olderwoman, BabyFace, Boyandgirlholdinghands, Manandwomanholdinghands, Dancer, Strawberry, Orange, RedApple, Droplets, Palm, Cactus, MapleLeaf, FallenLeaf, FlutteringLeaf, CherryBlossom, Rose, Tulip, Sunflower, Seedling or Hibiscus.

Lastly the cute animal emoticons such as Snake, Bug, Puppy, TeddyBear, MonkeyFace, Mouse, Hamster, Wolf, Tiger, Horseface, Pig, Cat, Bunny, Poodle, Sheep, Penguinface, Koala, Cow, Wildboar, Chicken, YellowChick, Bird, Elephant, Horse, Monkey, Camel, Octopus, Dolphin, Whale, TropicalFish, Fish, Blowfish, Seashell, FrogFace, Tongueoutandwinking, TongueOut, Blush, Winking, SadFace, Unamused, Scared, ScreamingInFear, BlowingAKiss, cryingtearsofjoy, RedAngry, witheyeswideopen, Astonished, BigGrin, Disappointed, Dizzy, SheddingTears, Angryface, Present, Snowman, PC, TabletOrSmartphone, CDOrDVD, Carpstreamers, Wind, Footprints, CupOfCoffee or Angersymbol.