Most of the time you spend in Clash of Clans is actually farming for resources. There is no way you will have enough resources from just the gold mines and elixir collectors to keep your builders busy. You will always have to farm. Farming takes time and can be sometimes frustrating when you do not have the time to play the game.

This CoC farming guide is intended to show you how you can farm smartly and efficiently. If you are doing it correctly, you can expect to get around 1m resources per hour without boost (assuming if you have 200 troops camp).

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy Farming Guide

Clash of Clans Farming Bases you should be looking for

There are basically 2 kinds of bases you should be searching for when you do farmings.

  • Dead Bases – Bases that have more than half filled gold mines and elixir collectors. (50% of whatever amount the collectors have can be stolen)
  • Live Bases – Bases that have a decent amount of gold and elixir in the storage tanks but not the mines and collectors. (Only a mere 10-18% can be stolen depending on the TH level)

clash of clans farming strategy collector full vs empty

Well, as for how much resources you should be looking for, it will be your own preference. It’s all depends on the difficulties of the bases and if you think it’s worth to spend all your troops in it. For a general figure, you should be looking at no less than 100k gold and 100k elixir in a single run if you are TH7 or higher.

Tips: If you are to farm for let’s say 2 hours continuously, you should keep your CoC online throughout the farming time otherwise you will get attacked everytime you logout to wait for the troops to build and you will probably lose more resources than you earn.

If you are the attack-one-time-per-day kind of person, attack right before your shield wears off because you will get attacked anyway when your shield is gone. You don’t have to keep checking your shield time because CoC will always send a notification to your phone or tablet whenever your shield is about to run out.

Clash of Clans Dead Bases Farming

Dead bases are rare while live bases are everywhere. That said, attacking a dead base is pretty easy because gold mines and elixir collectors are usually the first layer of buildings outside the wall. Attacking a live base, however, can be very difficult because most players will keep their storage deepest in their bases.

The most recommended troop composition to attack a dead base is Barch, short for Barbarians and Archers, because they are cheap and can be produced fast. The only target buildings you should be aiming to destroy are the gold mines and elixir collectors (dark elixir drillers too if you are lucky). However, searching for dead bases can be very exhausting especially if you are at the higher trophy range. Everyone is looking for dead bases. You will roughly see one for every 20-30 bases you skipped (all about luck though).

CoC Farming Guide Dead Base Gold Elixir

Clash of Clans Live Bases Farming

Live bases, however, requires more advanced troops and comprehensive planning because you will have to at least be able to penetrate to the center of the base in order to get to the storage.

The cheapest yet effective troop composition to attack and push a live base is Giants, Archers, Wall Breakers and Healers. Giants, as you supposed to know, are your tanks. They have great amount of HP and will be the meat shield for your DPS such as Archers. Archers are your main DPS. They should be the very first troop to get researched whenever you reach a new TH level. You can replace Archers with Wizards for much more DPS per troop space if build time is not your concern. Wall Breaker, as its name suggests, breaks walls. They are crucial for you to get to the core of the base. Healers are however optional to be included in the troop composition. They take quite a lot of troop capacity space and are very vulnerable to Air Defenses. They will only work if you can take down their air defenses first or if their air defenses are placed brainlessly or are upgrading.

Here’s what you are going to do when you push a live base:

  1. Summon 1-2 Giants near your opponent’s Clan Castle to see if they have any troops in there. Lure them out and kill them if necessary.
  2. Summon Giants in a straight line or about 3-4 points of summons. (Choose a side that has the least Air Defenses if you are going to use any healer.)
  3. As soon as the Defenses start to shoot at your Giants, summon wall breakers to break the first layer of walls. Be aware of Mortar though. Time the mortar before you drop your wall breakers. Eventually, you will get used to it.
  4. Next, summon all your Archers in a straight line right behind your Giants. If you have heroes, drop them with your archers.
  5. Summon Healers when there isn’t any air defense near your Giant anymore.
  6. Apply Rage and Heal. Send the remaining wall breakers to break the inner layers of walls.
  7. Apply your remaining Rage and Heal.

The chance of success relies heavily on the speed of summon. The faster you can summon, the lesser damage your Giants have to tank before you summon your Archers, the longer your Giants can tank, and thus, the more buildings you can destroy. Of course, the biggest factor of whether your attack will be a success or not is still the choice of bases. Choose wisely and patiently before you waste your troops on a base you can’t possibly win.

clash of clans farm guide gold elixir

Clash of Clans How to Farm DE (Dark Elixir)

If you are looking to farm DE (Dark Elixir), attacking only the dead bases will probably not get you enough DE because most DE storage and even the driller will be kept safe in the center of the base which requires you to penetrate it. Pushing strategy may take more time and higher cost to build but if you are looking for a solid DE farming strategy, Giant Archer WB Healer composition is the way to go.

Tips: If elixir is not your concern, you can consider using lightning to zap some highly stored DE storage. This can be very effective if you can manage to find some base with 2-3k DE available for loot. With 4x Lightning level 4, I can steal around 1000 DE from a base with 2500 DE available for loot.

clash of clans farming DE dark elixir strategy

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