This page is a gateway to a handful of our guides on Clash of Clans farming tips, trophy pushing and countless of clan war attack strategies for different levels of Town Hall.

The listed guides are intended for beginner Clash of Clans players who want to get a rough picture of how their late game attack strategies will look like when they reach town hall level 7, TH8, TH9 and TH10.

I’ve been playing Clash of Clans for a few years now with a completely max out TH10 and a few other TH9 alts in a clan that have won over 100 wars. I’m not writing this to start a war about which strategy is the “best” because no strategy is best for all kinds of base designs. Each strategy has its own mechanism and benefits on certain kinds of base layout design.

All the posts and guides have been updated to reflect the changes of CoC Version 7 – the “Mighty” Air Sweeper update. This post and all the guides listed below will always be updated with all the future CoC updates and changes. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the our latest updates, tips and guides.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy Tips and Cheat Sheets

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy – Farming Tips

clash of clans farming strategy collector full vs empty

Farming in Clash of Clans is a very time consuming and tiring task if you don’t know how to farm effectively and efficiently. We have talked about detailed farming guides and tips such as the differences of dead and live bases, the fastest and cheapest troop composition for farming and many more in the page below.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy – Farming Guide

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy for Trophy Pushing

town hall sniping clash of clans

If you are looking to push your village’s trophy to complete the achievements for gems, you can refer to our guides on how to quickly raise your trophy to Crystal league within just a few hours of time along with advanced trophy pushing tips to push to Master and Champion leagues. The guide also includes tips such as how to properly and effectively do town hall sniping, how to use troop composition such as giant wizard wall breakers, and gowipe loonion for high league trophy pushing.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy for Trophies Farming

Clash of Clan Clan War Attack Strategy TH7

coc clan war attack strategy dragon lightning rage hog

This guide will show you how to guarantee a 3 star from any attack of TH7 vs TH7, no matter how maxed out the base is. We focused more on Mass Dragons with 3x Lightning Spell strategy, Dragons with Heal and Rage Spells and Mass Hog Riders strategies.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy TH7 Dragon Lightning Hog

CoC Attack Strategy (Clan War) for TH8

gowipe clash of clans attack strategy

TH8 is where all the fun comes in when you can finally get rid of the very boring Mass dragons attack throughout the entire TH7 phase. You also get to unlock advanced troops such as Pekka and Golem, making GoWiPe possible for TH8. You can even use GoWiWiPe if you are able to get a witch in your castle clan from your high TH clan mate. Level 4 Hog Riders are also made available in the research lab, thus making mass hog riders the strongest attack for TH8. Read the guide for further information on how to effectively use the strategies.

Clash of Clans Clan War Attack Strategy TH8 GoWiPe Hog

Clash of Clans Clan War Attack Strategy for TH9 and TH10

Lavaloonion quatrolavaloonion clan war attack strategy coc

At TH9, you will be able to unlock all available troops in Clash of Clans, thus, making all kinds of attack strategy possible. We have discussed in detail about GoWiWi, GoWiWiPe, Lavaloonion and QuatroLavaloonion clan war attack strategies in the page below. The guide is universal for TH9 and TH10 without in-depth explanation on Freeze Spell and Inferno Tower. The only things you should know about TH10 are the Freeze Spell and Inferno Tower. The only essential deployment step for TH10 is dropping an extra freeze spell on the inferno towers to counter them.

Clash of Clans Clan War Attack Strategy TH8 GoWiPe Hog

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