We will only be talking about GoWiPe and Hog Rider strategies in this guide. Dragon attack will not be included. They are still usable but not as strong as the others since the air sweeper’s update.

If you have just reached TH8 and are choosing between the researches, research GoWiPe or Hog Riders. Don’t waste your research time on dragon as they are completely useless anywhere above TH8. Since Clash of Clans introduced air sweeper, dragon attack is doomed.

If you insist to learn more about the best way to use dragon attack, refer to our clash of clans TH7 clan war dragon’s attack strategy.

CoC Clan War Attack Strategy – GoWiPe

After air sweeper was introduced, dragon attack has became much more difficult to succeed in getting 3 stars from a TH8 base, thus, making GoWiPe strategy the strongest and most viable clan war attack strategy for TH8.

GoWiPe stands for Golem, Wizard and Pekka. By using this strategy, you can nearly guarantee a 3 star on a low to mid TH8. You can even get 2 stars from most of the TH9 if you can use it well. It will seem hard when you first use it, but you will get better as you use it more in clan wars.

coc clan war attack strategy gowipe

Your army composition should consist of 2 Golems, 1-2 Pekka, 8-10 Wall Breakers and the rest Wizards.

Here’s how you deploy your troops:

  1. Summon 2 Golems far apart from each other, at least far enough to cover all the defenses’ attack range from one side.
  2. Summon your Wizards in a straight line behind your golem to clean up the exterior buildings. You can try dropping 1 wizard on each of the building.
  3. Drop your WB immediately after your wizards but don’t drop all of them. Drop 2-3 just enough to take out the outside walls. You can choose to break only the middle walls or walls on where your golems are. Your objective here is to use the shortest route to get your troops to the center of the base.
  4. Drop your Barbarian King followed by Pekkas on where the walls are broken down and only when the outside buildings are cleared (You don’t want them to circle around the base).
  5. Drop your remaining WB to break the inner layers of walls.
  6. Drop Rage and Heal when the CC troops start attacking your troops.
  7. Apply the other Rage when your troops reach to the center of the base.

gowipe clash of clans attack strategy

Things worth noting:

  • You can choose to lure and take out your opponent’s CC troops first, but that will require you to use an extra 20-30 spaces for Giants and Archers. Well, you will also get to preserve your spells and use them on better places.
  • The reason to clean up the outside buildings first is to create a path to funnel your Pekka and Barb King straight to the center of the base.
  • It’s better that you can get a Pekka from a clan mate in your CC so that you can have more spaces for Wizards.
  • Make sure your Wizards are not exposed to any defenses other than Mortar. Routing your Golems is important.
  • BK Skill and Rage spell do not stack, use them 1 by 1.
  • You can also apply Rage before you drop your WB so that they can also get the effect of Rage. A single raged Lv5 WB can break most levels of walls.
  • This strategy is all about speed. The faster you can summon following the steps, the better chance you can get a 3 stars from your opponent.
  • You must have at least Level 4 Wall breakers and level 5 Wizards for the attack to succeed.

CoC Clan War Attack Strategy – Hog Riders

This is my favorite TH8 clan war attack strategy because of its extremely high chance of success in attacking any maxed out TH8.

Well, you will need to understand the mechanism of this attack strategy and master it before you can actually get a 3 stars from a TH8. Using hog riders are quite risky if you summon them blindly because it will either get you 3 star or no star at all. It will rarely be a 2 stars because Hogs won’t start attacking the town hall or anything else before all the defenses on the entire map are destroyed. But don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to master this strategy.

You will need to have 3 Heal spells, 20-30 Archers to take out their CC troops, 4-5 Wizards for cleaning up the buildings, and the rest Hog Riders. It’s always worth noting that you will need to have level 4 Hog Riders for the strategy to work. Level 3 hogs may also work if you can follow the steps perfectly.

clash of clans clan war attack strategy hog rider

Here’s how to correctly use Hog riders for clan wars:

  1. Lure and kill your opponent’s CC troops. This is very important because you will guarantee to fail your attack without doing so.
  2. Kill your opponent’s barb king if it’s placed near the border where you can easily lure him.
  3. Drop your Hogs on 2-3 points of entries.
  4. Drop Wizards and your heroes immediately after your hogs to start cleaning up the buildings behind. Time matters a lot for this strategy.
  5. Drop Heal spell whenever your pack of hog riders’ hp gets below 60-70%. Anywhere below it can be killed by a single Giant Bomb.
  6. Drop Heal spell on any spot you think there would possibly be a single or double Giant bomb before your Hogs reach it.

Things you should know:

  • You can replace some of your archers for a Valkyrie if you know your opponent’s CC troops are a bunch of archers and wizards. This requires high skill as you will need to lure them until they are standing together in a pack before you summon your Valkyrie to take them out in one hit.
  • Hog Riders weaknesses are only the traps, CC troops and the heroes. Once they are eliminated, you can pretty much ensure a 3 stars from that base.
  • If your hogs trigger 2 Giant Bombs at once, they will be dead instantly and your attack will be failed. Well, try not to pick a base that have obvious double giant bomb sites near the center of the base where you can’t pre-trigger it before you launch your attack.
  • Look very closely on your Hog Rider’s HP. That’s the key to successfully destroy a base. You will need them to survive until all defenses are taken down.

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