The main objective of people pushing their trophies in Clash of Clans is to complete the most Gems rewarding achievements – “Sweet Victory” and “League All-Star”.

By completing these achievements, you will have enough gems for all 5 builders without spending any actual money in purchasing gems. Some people also prefer to be at a higher league for better amount of loot bonus whenever they win a match. Any league above Crystal will also reward DE (Dark Elixir) which is hard to come by when you attack bases.

Listed below are several methods of how you can push your trophies fast and effective.

Town Hall Sniping – Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

This is the most common method in trophy pushing because it requires the least amount of troop and battle time. As what its name suggests, you snipe only the town halls which are placed outside of the wall without any defense defending it.

Why would people want to place their town hall outside the walls or at the edge of the map? It’s because when you destroy their town halls, they will get a 12 hours shield so that their hard earned gold and elixir resources especially Dark Elixir will not get robbed by those who want to farm resources. It’s a win-win situation where you can get your trophies and they get the shields.

town hall sniping clash of clans

Town hall sniping requires no strategy. Any kind of troop will work because you are going to destroy only the Town Hall, click on “end battle” and get the 1/3 of the match trophies. Simple troops like Barch (short for Barbarians and Archers) will do. You will just have to summon about 5-10 of barbarians or archers when an outside town hall is spotted. One thing worth mentioning is that some bases will place their Tesla towers beside their outside TH especially the TH8, TH9 and TH10 players trying to catch noobs who don’t bring enough troops to destroy these teslas. Always bring your entire camp-full of army before you start searching for bases. Better be safe than sorry.

What’s actually difficult about TH sniping is searching for it. They are rare. You can find plenty of them below 1500 trophies but when it gets higher it’s harder to come by. You can snipe your way up to Crystal league (2000 trophies) without any issue, but any league above that will be extremely hard. A rough number of bases with TH outside the wall is about 1 out of 50 in Crystal III. I’ve seen people sniping all the way up to Master League with their TH6 and TH7. It requires great amount of patience and time.

If you are currently TH6 or lower trying to get your way up to 1250 trophies, TH sniping is the way to go. I wouldn’t recommend TH sniping at anywhere above Crystal league.

Quick Town Hall Pushing and Get 50% for 2 Stars

If you want to get more trophies in every run and hate to keep searching for bases, the quickest way to farm trophies is by pushing to the center of the base and aim for a 50% destruction for the 2 stars victory.

You can easily achieve this by using the troop composition of Giants, Archers, Wall Breakers and Healers. Giants are your meat shield tankers for your Archers whose job is to deal damage without getting hurt or killed. Wall breakers break walls. Don’t rely on Giants to break walls because it could take forever and may waste your HP tanking for unnecessary damages. Healers are optional but recommended. You can replace Archers with Wizards if build time is not your concern.

clash of clans farm guide gold elixir

So, here’s how you push a base effectively:

  1. Always test the Clan Castle to see if they have any defending troop. Lure them out and kill them if necessary.
  2. Drop Giants in a straight line and make sure it covers all the defenses range from a single side of the map. (Choose a side that has the least Air Defenses if you are going to use any healer.)
  3. As soon as the Defenses start to shoot at your Giants, drop wall breakers to break the first layer of walls. Be aware of Mortar. Time the mortar correctly before you drop your wall breakers as they will usually kill your wall breakers if they go near your Giants. Don’t worry, you will get used to it eventually.
  4. Next, drop all your Archers in a straight line behind your Giants. If you have heroes, drop them after your archers.
  5. Drop Healers when the air defense near the side you are attacking is destroyed.
  6. Apply Rage and Heal. Send the remaining wall breakers to break the inner layers of walls.
  7. Apply your remaining Rage and Heal.

Spells are optional too. You use them when you see fit but of course with the help of the spells you will have better chance to win the match. Also, choose base wisely and patiently. If you are a TH6, look for a TH6 to attack. Don’t attack any base with a TH level higher than you unless if you know you can get at least 2 star from the base.

As for higher level of TH and higher level of league when it is impossible to find a TH8 at your league (generally league above Crystal I will not have any TH level below TH9), to penetrate a TH9 or TH10 base, you will need either GOWIPE, GOWIWI or LavaLoonion. Gowipe as in Golem, Wizard and Pekka (with wall breakers of course), Gowiwi as in Golem, Wizard and Witch, and Lavaloonion as in Lava, Balloons and Minions.

The attack strategy of using these troops are basically the same as the one mentioned above. Golems are the meat shield while Wizards and Pekka are your DPS. Summon them accordingly and you will get your 2 stars easily. Spells are essential at TH level as high as TH8. I recommend 2 Rage 2 Heals as your spells. Apply 1 Rage and 1 Heal when the opponent’s CC troops come out to your way.

When your troops reach the center of the base (of where the TH usually placed), drop a Rage spell on it so that your troop can clean it up before they die. Apply the rest of the spells as you see fit.

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