DirectX 13 has always been just a rumor. So far, there is no official announcement or news about DirectX 13 from Microsoft. The question remains if it will exist in the future.

The closest possible rumor, from a source claimed to be from Microsoft, about DirectX 13 is that it won’t exist in near future. DirectX 12 is meant be the last and final version of DirectX. This somehow relates to another rumor about there is no Windows 11, and Windows 10 being the final version of Windows OS.

DirectX 13 release date – won’t exist?

What we would like to guess is that, they made it sounds like it’s the final version, but in fact, they will continue to release update as they improve these products, be it DirectX 12 or Windows 10. It’s just that they won’t change their product names anymore. They will still release improvements and updates as they are available but will still be calling it DirectX 12. It’s just like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. There is no Firefox 2, 3 or 4. There is only a single version of what we called the Mozilla Firefox. They too have updates and improvements very frequently. They just don’t like to call it Firefox 1 2 3 4 which doesn’t really help.

Nevertheless, all these are just mere speculations and rumors. The future existence of DirectX 13 is still highly possible. There was once the vice president of AMD had announced that there will be no DirectX 12 when DirectX 11 was first released. But just look where we are now, DirectX 12 is currently the most successful DirectX version in history. The history might repeat itself just the same for DirectX 13.

Another guess would be that DirectX 13 will come with Windows 11. Just like how all the past DirectX and Windows versions cross support. For example, DirectX 12 supports only Windows 10, while DirectX 11 supports only Windows 7 and 8, etc.

Download Directx 13 will it exist

DirectX 13 Download Windows 10 64 bit 32 bit Offline Installer

Well, something will surely be made or invented as to support the requirements of continuously growing graphic technology. Be it DirectX 13, or a totally new set of API we no longer called DirectX. It’s just a matter of time, we will certainly get to see something new in the near future.

We will update this post as soon as any download for DirectX 13 or (whatever else it’s called later) is released and available. Meanwhile, follow us on Facebook or bookmark this page to be notified when there is a news, announcement or release about DirectX 13.

dirextx 13 windows 10 download comparison

Fake DirectX 13 Download for Windows 10 / 8 / 7

From whichever source you ever heard or seen there’s a download for Directx 13 from, it’s certainly a fake one, often comes with malwares and viruses.

There are already a few downloads that had went viral and infected numerous users. The only guaranteed safe place to download DirectX is from And you certainly won’t be able to find DirectX 13 because it doesn’t even exist yet.

These bad guys who upload fake installers which claimed to be DirectX 13 want to inject things we called malwares to your computer. It is to setup scripts onto your PC to steal your info, delete your files, replicate its virus and attempt to spread it across all your other computers.

If you have downloaded any of it, we will urge you to delete them immediately before you do more harm than good to your system. In all honesty, we have written this post because of a follower who ask for clarification and help about a DirectX 13 installation she had installed. Her system was badly infected with keyloggers and adwares that can’t be removed due to late installation of antivirus software.

Anyway, the lesson is to make sure you always have an antivirus program with its shields on to protect your system at all time especially if you are a heavy web surfer and downloader. Make sure you download software only from their official provider respectively and check if such software really exist. All DirectX 13 downloads can be considered fake now until the real one is released.