This was my personal experience with Amazon where my order status stuck in Pending for a very long time and what I did to complete the transaction.

This happened when I tried to purchase Amazon coin with 1-click purchase using a credit card newly registered with Amazon (due to old one expiring). At first, I thought it was a normal procedure where it should take a couple of hours for the payment to actually go through. But after waited for two days, I realized there must be something wrong with my payment option. So here’s what I did.

Amazon order status Pending for too long Fix

I’ve contacted Amazon customer service by Online Chat. Told them that the order had been pending for days and was still remained pending. They then checked what was going on with the stated order. For my case, the credit card I used was a new one and thus there was a verification error during the transaction. So, the amazon representative helps to verify my credit card and told me to ignore the previous order and make a new order. I made a new order and the order went through instantly.

The point here is that you should try to get to their customer service to find out the problem rather than waiting blindly. Sometimes there may be computer conflict during the transaction which can easily be solved if you get someone from the inside to look at it. As for my case, the amazon system failed to verify my new credit card, but a customer representative is able to verify it manually when I contacted them. However, it still make sense that the transaction may take a couple of hours to complete, but if the problem persists over a day, contact them.

After researching on this issue, I found that many had faced this Amazon order pending problem when their credit card information entered on Amazon doesn’t match the actual one especially the billing address. Most of the time, a newly added credit card will be put on hold by Amazon when the billing address entered in amazon payment option does not match the actual address recorded with your credit card provider. So, double check again if the info (name on the card, card number and address) you’ve entered in the amazon payment option page is correct.

Also, if you are using 1-click purchase to purchase a digital item, make sure you’ve turned on the 1-click purchase option in the payment option. To do so, go to Your Account > under Amazon Wallet > click on Manage Payment Option > on the left click on Manage 1-click settings > on the right, click Turn On under 1-click Status.

amazon order pending 1 click purchase

How to contact Amazon Customer Service

Amazon’s contact us page is somewhat hidden beneath their website (It’s not really hidden though, it’s just pretty hard to get there). Here’s how you can get to it. Go to the very bottom of any page on Click on the Help link at bottom right part of the page. Under Browse Help Topics, click on the last option Need More Help and then click on Contact Us. You may be asked to sign in again.

amazon digital order pending stuck contact us

In the next page, select the particular order which you have problem with, select the issues (don’t have to be exactly correct). You will be given 3 options to contact Amazon customer service, Call, Email or Chat. Select whichever you prefer.


How to check or cancel your digital orders on Amazon

You can check on your order by hovering to Your Account on Amazon page while you’ve logged in, then to Your Orders. Click on Open Orders or Digital Orders to check on your orders that are still under processing.

If the total amount in the particular order you were looking at is showing $0.00, it probably means it’s either pending or had failed to process.

As for how to cancel an order, well, you can’t cancel a digital order on Amazon. You can still try to do so by contacting Amazon customer service to see if they can help you if you have a very specific reason and insist to cancel the order.