When I finally got my Redmi Note 3, I was so happy trying to setup the phone and activate my Mi Cloud Account for the very first time. The registration went well and the phone was setup flawlessly. However, when I tried to login to my Mi Cloud account on my computer, it requires a SMS verification code that can never be received no matter how many times I tried to resend it.

So, here in this post we will be discussing about this issue and how we actually solved the problem and finally get to receive the verification code via SMS after trying all the possible methods we found.

Unable to Receive Mi Cloud Account SMS Verification Code Fix 1

According to a major portion of users who have had this problem about failing to receive SMS verification code to activate their Mi Cloud account, accessing Mi Cloud via a specific link https://i.mi.com/?_locale=zh_CN to change the language of the page to Chinese did work for them.

This method was originally provided by users from Xiaomi MiUi forum which claimed to have solved their problems of not being able to receive the Mi cloud verification code via SMS when they try to sign in on their PC. After changing the Mi Cloud page to Chinese, they can then receive the SMS verification code normally.

Can't Receive Mi Cloud Account Verification Code Xiaomi

By going through the link provided above, the entire page will be translated into Chinese. Upon receiving your SMS verification code, you can convert it back to English by accessing to this link https://i.mi.com/?_locale=en_US.

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Fail to Receive Mi Cloud Account Verification Code via SMS Fix 2

How I actually successfully receive the verification code is by doing nothing and waited for 2 days. As suggested by official Mi support, there may be network issues at their end and you should wait for some time before trying again.

So, how long should you wait? It depends. It can be 5 minutes or up to a few days. For my case, I have tried all the possible solutions but nothing actually works for me. After 2 days when I try the verification again, it worked this time and I got the SMS code.

It’s also worth noting that newly created Mi account and newly bought or activated device will have some sort of buffer time before things would go well such as your Google play account and Mi account sign in. Just give it some time and try again later.

Mi cloud account sms verification login sign in

Other Possible Causes for Failing to Receive Mi Verification Code

Your cellular network think the SMS is a spam and attempted to block it. Check with your Telco provider to see if they are blocking it. This can be very troublesome as you will have to call your Telco provider but it could really be the issue.

Your phone antivirus, security app or other similar apps think the SMS is a Spam. Check all your security apps to see if they are blocking any incoming SMS. Do check the default MiUi security app as it also have a feature to automatically block malicious SMS.

mi account verification code manual

Use other verification method as suggested in the verification form when you can’t receive verification code. Simply click on the manual verification link and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the verification. This may take some time and effort as it needs several info of your device and past account’s activities.

mi reset password security question verification code

Check if you are accessing to the correct URL. To access to Mi Cloud, you should only be going to either of these links: i.mi.com or mi.com/micloud.

Check if your phone number (or email) is correct. A device has to be binded with a phone number to be able to use Mi Cloud. Make sure the phone number match the one you are using to receive the SMS verification code.

Contact their support. Like most other huge corporations, you should expect them to not reply your email and questions if they don’t even feel the need to solve the problem. But do try it anyway.